Coerced Debt, Identity Theft, and Financial Exploitation

Conference Invitation: Coerced Debt, Identity Theft, and Financial Exploitation

The Rutgers Center for Gender Justice, the Rutgers Center for Corporate Law and Governance, and the Societal Security and Digital Identities Project* based at the University of Oslo invite you to join a working conference focused on coerced debt, identity theft, and financial exploitation.

This conference will bring together 20-30 academics, clinicians, lawyers, cryptologists, and advocates working to address the financial exploitation of vulnerable groups, with a focus on exploitation and injustice around gender, age, ethnicity, and disability. This conference will enable participants to advance this work by learning about strategies from other programs, countries, and disciplines. All participants will share research, empirical work, or client experiences, and we will strategize and problem-solve. Presentations will be followed by group discussion and break-out sessions.

The conference is free of charge and will take place at Rutgers Law School in Newark, New Jersey from June 11-June 12, 2024. (Meals will be provided during the conference, but additional meals, lodging, and transportation are not included.) If you are interested in attending, please contact Habibah Johnson at with your name, institutional affiliation, and your research or practice area of focus as relates to the conference. You do not need to submit a paper to attend, but please describe the research or practice experience you wish to share at the conference.