Transnational Legal Initiative

Dr. Jorge Contesse, Assistant Professor of Law at Rutgers Law School and faculty affiliate of CGSLP, is the principal investigator in the Transnational Legal Initiative (TLI), a collaborative effort with CGSLP. The program, funded by a $50,000 Rutgers University-Newark Chancellor’s seed grant, aims to engage in some of the questions and challenges raised by the legal and political struggle for the recognition of LGBTI rights. As Contesse noted, “International human rights norms prescribe that States have an obligation to change social and cultural patterns that result in discrimination against women and LGBTI individuals. Such prescriptions may encounter resistance from States and communities that hold different views on gender and sexuality.” TLI will host international scholars and advocates in the field of LGBTI rights who will be featured in the CGSLP lunchtime lecture series. Inquiry and research will produce creative scholarship on issues of transnational mobilization as it relates to LGBTI rights.

TLI will be offering summer internship opportunities during the summer of 2017. More information can be found here.